Memory Care Activities at Braley Care Homes

Memory Care Activities at Braley Care Homes

Host: Chris Braley with Braley Care Homes is here today. Thanks so much for stopping by. 

Chris: Thank you! 

H: Yeah, okay now you know this has been a tough year for everyone but especially our older loved ones but i hear you all been doing a lot of fun activities even a snowball fight. Tell us what’s going on.

C: Yeah, you know it’s important to keep everybody active and have some fun. And we’ll try to do activities that are spontaneous and kind of related to the weather and stuff that’s going on – seasonal.

So of course as you know uh last week we had a bit of snow and ice in our area uh so we did a snowball fight with the residents and so i got in the center of an area in our living room and the residents kind of we got different snowballs and they just kind of threw it at me and had fun. 

H: I bet they really enjoyed it.

C: They did yeah. 

H: And then we were showing a picture going into the commercial break was that a carnival what else do you do? 

C: Yeah yes actually just yesterday um you got an exclusive we don’t even have it on our Facebook (oh wow) we did a carnival um and i just did some carnival kind of foods and then we did we did a wheelchair race and then we we did this thing where they put shaving cream on my head and the shower cap and so the resins try to throw popcorn uh and they had a blast I mean it was I don’t know if you have some pictures of that but it was pretty. 

H: Yeah this looks like maybe you all had a Valentine’s party.

C: Yep yeah and they had their own message kind of their message to being a valentine and.. 

H: Yeah and maybe that’s carnival 

C: That’s part of the carnival.

H: Okay yeah well you know why do you think it’s so important to for the residents to engage in these fun activities? 

C: well it i think you know activities are just as important as any other aspect whether you’re looking at medications or nutrition um it’s food for the brain yeah and so they need they need that that mind and body stimulation there’s a lot of research that has shown that with that correct kind of activities they can improve their their mental status they can improve levels of agitation levels of depression, flexibility and all those aspects. 

H: So is this something that you all because you know right from the science aspect of it and then of course seeing the smiles on their faces is this something you all are going to continue doing throughout the year or is it just through the winter? 

C: Oh no no we do this all you know all year round 

H: Yeah that is great um and you’re a good sport too if you’re letting them throw snowballs at you anything to get a laugh.

C: that’s true that’s true 

H: So how important is it you talked about that but what about our viewers at home maybe they don’t have a loved one in a care facility like yours but they have someone they’re taking care of at home any advice for them what are some activities that you’ve seen that would work.

C: Yeah it’s really looking at the individual and where they are in their stage of dementia and understanding their history what they enjoy what their skill set is and then trying to design an activity program around that certainly things like crossword puzzles and other kinds of puzzles are good for the for the mind but you know you can get creative and if they’re later stage you know an activity that’s been very effective for us with certain residents a baby doll and it’s very soothing relaxing it takes them back to that time period when perhaps they were caring for their child or their grandchild and those are the emotions and feelings that you’re trying to get for them within an activity yeah um is that they’re feeling that self-respect and that they’re taking care of taking care of someone. 

H: I get it now if folks at home want to contact you all maybe come talk to you or i guess do an online tour and discuss how do they get in touch with you?

C: Sure they can go to our website which is they can certainly give us a phone call at 304-767-4033 and we can schedule a time for them to come down 

H: Great sounds good we’ll keep having fun and being a good sport with them thank you all righty thanks a lot Chris Braley with Braley Care.

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