Braley Care Homes' Halloween Bash

H1: Hey Chris Braley with Braley Care Homes is here!
H2: and for you that means fun for the residents but also fun for chris too (oh yeah) and the employees you guys have a really good time at halloween this is just a big thing and it’s important to involve the residents
Chris: Oh absolutely we’re just big kids you know and we get to dress up and have fun and get the residents laughing and we try to get the nostalgia of going back to things that they may remember and um so we do parties um like uh with beetlejuice um which was a big hit
H1: and we have some pictures too that we want to show
H2: yeah oh there you go
H1: that is so fun!
H2: That’s terrific! and you so that’s the thing when they see you coming through the hall it changes the every day and these are the little things you know something like this taking the time to you know you got okay i want to make sure that was a fake mustache
Chris: Yeah
H1: yeah you’ve got the fake mustache on gomez the whole gomez look.
He has just a such a good time!
H2: why is it important for that to be a part of you know of the lifestyle there at Braley Homes? Why do you think that that it’s important to recognize this and the chance to have fun
Chris: and that’s that’s the key thing it’s fun you know we all need fun in our life and so just because we get older doesn’t mean we can’t have fun so it’s just trying to find these creative ways to to get a residence laughing. I always say it’s like gold if you can get someone to laugh you know that’s magical!
H1: i bet their eyes really do light up once you all oh yeah you know come out there and you’re more extravagant
Chris: and the sillier we get
H2: okay, so what what are the plans this year? Can’t you reveal is this going to be a secret?
Chris: Big reveal is the wizard of oz.
H2: oh okay okay so uh do you have any idea which part you’ll be?
Chris: yes! (can i guess?) my activities director lorraine… You can guess, sure!
H2: are you going to be dressing as either the scarecrow pin man cowardly lion one of the three?
Chris: i’m going to be the cowardly lion.
H2: oh that’s great what a costume that’s going to be!
W: In addition to the costumes which is enough i think what else do you do at these holiday parties?
C: yeah of course we uh we’ll prepare you know these certain meals and for halloween they’re gonna be you know the fake fingers and just different stuff like that just try to have just a bunch of fun and make it look uh unique and a lot of decorations in the facility which we’re starting that process now
M: what’s the reaction what do people say and not only people who who live there the residents but their family members when they find out about this idea what’s the reaction that people give you?
C: oh they love it they love it they like seeing us get silly yeah and the more the marrier and sometimes of course the families will will do that too but as we were talking earlier you know with the pandemic we can’t have the families in all the one time
H2: right so that makes it even more special and even more important to have events that bring joy and happiness and really a lot of memories maybe it’ll remind them of dressing up with their families and their kids when they were little
C: oh yeah we used to um before again before pandemic we would have kids come in oh yeah and we’d have the residents hand out candy
H2: that’s right, yeah, has there been is there any science behind this idea of doing this kind of thing and having fun any science any studies things that you know psychologists have put out or geriatricians have put out about this what’s the the thinking behind doing this the the logical thinking behind?
C: yeah! there is science behind that um and and a lot of what i’ve read it’s about basically stimulating mind and body and you know when you think of alzheimer’s disease yeah plaque and tangles forming in the brain is destroying neurons but then what they found is the more that we can think and challenge and move and activate activate absolutely it’s like a muscle the more you use it you know then you lose it less right so you can still battle this disease uh even though it’s chronic um to to have a more prolonged life and healthier life.
H2: yeah it makes perfect sense really when you think about that that that is you know if motion is lotion for our joints and everything else right right then that would be the same thing with the brain.
C: absolutely!
H1: yeah you mentioned alzheimer’s october is a big month for alzheimer’s awareness so tell us about what uh a big event planned at the end of this month.
C: yes october 30th at power park uh the alzheimer’s association we’re having the walk 10 to alzheimer’s so i encourage everybody to come down and be a part of it also you get to dress up you know for the walk it’s always this time of year in charleston and uh and people will bring their pets their dogs and dress them up it’s it’s fun and silly
H2: how about family members getting involved how how will they be able to get involved in that i guess maybe since it’s outside you can have a few more
C: yeah you can register now online um i think it’s all backslash um if they go online they can do it but you can also register that day registration starts at eight a.m on saturday and the walk starts at 9 30.
W: right there at the ballpark yes yep okay easy to find there
H2: that’s good it’s it’s so important to do these kind of things and and to your point when it comes right down to it you know if laughter is medicine then fun is the same thing because fun and laughter go hand in hand and i’m sure they just so much appreciate it people who and their families
C: Yes yeah absolutely!
H1: Well have fun next time you’re here we want to see a picture of the wizard of oz
H2: That’ll be a good one to post all right chris thanks for coming in really always appreciate it!
C: Thank you!

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