Chris Braley discusses getting vaccines distributed to memory care and alzheimer’s patients and residents at Braley Care Homes.

Host: Hi Welcome back! you know assisted living has taken a huge hit during the pandemic. Today we have Chris Braley, the owner of Braley Care Homes here to talk about how you all maneuvered and adapted during this time because you have some very special people that you all take care of and that gives you an extra obstacle to deal with but you all have gotten everyone vaccinated?

Chris: Yes, we have. We had the second dose last week.

H: Wow, that’s gotta give you all a lot of relief

C: oh, ya. Ya, it’s been trying time to get to that point and absolutely, we had webinars done by the West Virginia Health care association that helped us get logistically prepared for it

H: I remember the last time you were here talking to us. You all were hoping to get the first vaccine and now you’ve gotten both vaccines in your memory care residents there. So, how did it go?

C: It went well. We had a great staff turnout. I think we only had maybe 15% of staff that didn’t do it and about 85% of our staff, all of our alzheimer’s care residents were vaccinated. The families are very happy of course and excited because the next thing now will be when can families come visit?

Is there a timeline yet for that? That’s the million-dollar question!

Yeah, and I think that was really the big goal. We wanted to get to this point where we could get everybody vaccinated where there I think ah, we’re gonna be slowly open up some visitation here real soon

H: Oh, that’s good. How can the families find out when that will happen?

C: They can contact me and they have when we have enough talked and I think we’re looking at probably within the next month. One thing that I’ve told them I’m looking at is they’ve heard about the South African variant.

Yeah, with the virus, just kinda keep an eye on, you know what’s going on with that.

I know we had the Moderna vaccine and we know they’re doing some research with that particular issue

H: Is that the vaccine you all got?

C: Yes.

H: Did everyone do okay with it?

C: There were some side effects. The second dose I think affected really probably more staff than our residents. But it only lasted about 24 hours and everybody was fine after that.

H: We’ve heard a lot about that. That second dose. It makes you feel a little rougher than the first dose but those are important people your staff workers because they’re taking care a lot of loved ones.

Okay, so what about, do you all have openings or vacancies?

H: If someone watching today. Maybe they heard about your facility and they would like to get a loved one there for memory care or alzheimer’s or dementia care services. But these are still very, you know, scary times for a lot of people. How do they go about visiting and finding out more about it.

C: Right, uh, it is very scary and it is a little different of course from what it used to be. But they would just contact me and we would set up a time. I can’t give an actual tour at this moment but they can go on to our website and they can set up a time with me and I can meet with them in our lobby and kind of go over some things to get that ready. We do have some openings right now

H: Oh, that’s good!

Um, and it looks like we have your phone number on our screen right now as well.

If people want to call and get the ball rolling on that process to a take the virtual tour and come in and talk to you in the lobby there

C: Absolutely.

H: Well, good. so you feel probably a sigh of relief now that the vaccine everyone’s gotten vaccinated or at least the majority there

C: Oh, it’s been nerve-wracking. You know for quite a while and I really want to thank again the West Virginia Health Care Association and Assured Care Pharmacy who we partnered with to help get everything done. It helped tremendously to get logistically everything going to get that done

H: I bet that was a big undertaking

C: Ya and there was concern and fear in the beginning during the webinars

that residents may not be in that first wave of vaccinations which is very scary. But you know Governor Justice did in fact do that where some states didn’t and there are some residents long-term care that were not in that first wave in other states

H: Right, alright, well

Chris Braley, owner of Braley Care Homes

Thanks for you all are doing there and for stopping by and sharing how things are going now that you all have gotten vaccinated.

C: Thank you for having me!

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