Advantages Of Memory Care Living

When someone is experiencing a memory loss condition, they may need 24-hour care and programs to promote their brain’s health.

Memory care facilities do all that and more. Their staff is dedicated to assisting residents in their daily activities and making sure they are healthy.

Security & Safety for Seniors with Memory Issues

One of the biggest concerns for seniors with memory issues is knowing that they’re safe and secure. Memory care facilities provide individuals with a secure environment that prevents wandering. Your loved one can be easily monitored in this kind of space which promotes independence and reduces confusion.

These facilities’ design prevents wandering and encourages safe outdoor activities for residents. It is dangerous for people with memory loss to walk outside unattended. It leads to becoming lost and scared.

Round-the-clock supervision means expert care is always available to them when they need it. Residents of memory care facilities can go about their lives while their families rest easy knowing they are in good hands.

Additionally, their floor plans are meant to feel like home. With spacious rooms and the ability to decorate, your loved one can feel comfortable in their new space.

An exciting social life. 

It’s not uncommon for seniors to become isolated as they get older. Isolation in seniors can lead to a host of problems, like depression, poor health, poor mobility, and more. In assisted living, residents become part of a loving, supportive community surrounded by people their own age. Residents engage in activities designed to foster social connection – from arts & crafts to social hours. Enjoying the company of peers is one of the most natural and compelling benefits of senior living.

Nutritious Meals

Malnutrition is a growing problem among older Americans, especially for seniors who have difficulty swallowing. Memory Care facilities supply nutritious meals and specialized diets that cater to their residents’ needs. They receive quality food and plenty of choices, so they can stay healthy but still be empowered to make decisions about their food.

Special Programs and Activities

Residents’ daily activities can be adapted according to their abilities and preferences. Memory care communities have specially designed programs that appeal to residents and provide them with opportunities to engage in meaningful activities. This reduces boredom and promotes stimulation in individuals who would otherwise struggle to engage. Memory care communities often build their programs around cognitive stimulation and overall wellness. According to research, keeping the mind busy can help to prevent the progression of dementia.

Helpful Programs for Behavioral Issues

People who live with Alzheimer’s care-related ailments often suffer from irritability or behavioral issues that can impede on their social lives. Memory care offers programs like leisure and therapeutic programs that focus completely on memory impairment, sundowning, mood swings, wandering and many other common behaviors exhibited by people that live with dementia. Specially trained staff can de-escalate stressful situations where a family member would be unsure of what to do. These dedicated memory care environments are the go-to resource for families who are challenged with a loved on exhibiting difficult behaviors common with the disease process.


Peace of mind.  

Senior living situations can be stressful for any family, whether or not the senior lives with them full-time. When a senior moves into assisted living, family members can rest assured that their loved one is safe in a supportive environment, eating well, socializing, and receiving the care they need.

Assisted living offers so many benefits to seniors and families, and we’re here to help you learn more and find the right fit for you or your loved one.

If you have a family member who is in need of a memory care community, we understand that you want a place where your loved one is going to feel secure and deeply cared for. 

At Braley Care, we take an individualized approach to memory care. Our staff is committed to keeping your loved one safe and as healthy as possible.

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