The Importance of Vaccines in Nursing Homes

Host: Nursing homes that want to keep their federal funding will have to make sure their staff is vaccinated against the coronavirus. The white house says the department of health and human services will draw up new regulations that require staff to all nursing homes receiving medicare and medicaid funds to get the COVID vaccine and if they don’t those facilities could lose funding. The move marks the first time President Biden has threatened to withhold federal funds over vaccinations and this could affect more than 15 000 nursing homes which employs about 1.3 million people according to the centers for medicare and medicaid services about 40 percent of those workers are not vaccinated. Well today we are joined by Chris Braley from Braley Care Homes and here we always are glad when you stop by.

Chris: Thank you!

H: And this probably hits home with you a little bit i know that you all are big on getting everyone vaccinated how are you all at this point?

C: yeah it’s interesting we actually um i’ve just created a policy this week um for our facility uh where all my staff will have to be vaccinated and we set a date by october 1st they need to have at least one shot.

H: Right and then of course you all started months ago with your residents as well.

C: oh yeah yeah we started i think we did a show

H: Right when you got to get the vaccine.

C: very eager to get in and we had a great turnout with our staff at that time and uh most everyone got vaccinated.

H: Yeah okay so what is your policy if friends or family members want to come in and visit one of your residents? what do they need to know before they come in?

C: well obviously you know we do a little screening with them and they they don’t want to if they’re feeling sick they certainly don’t want to come in we do have the ability to do a covid test a 15-minute test so that they can always get tested before coming in to ensure that they don’t have COVID but we do we are still doing visitations and when they come in they’ll either visit in a bedroom or we have a nice courtyard and a gazebo and they can go out and visit outside.

H: yeah fresh air that is nice and in your line of work why is it so important to make sure you have these policies and make sure that everyone is being as safe as possible

C: yeah i mean you know it really when you think of COVID i think of this as really a war with the virus right and we we need a defense and to me you know masking and vaccines are a way to defeat this virus and you have to you have to do this and of course as a society we have to have more and more people

H: right!

C: to do this in order to win this war.

H: Right, okay so what would be your i guess your standard practice of someone watching right now they think they would like to come in to tour maybe they have a loved one that they would like to get at your facility are you allowing those type of visits?

C: oh yeah yeah yeah we do tours but again we kind of ask you know have you been vaccinated right and if they have then uh you know we’ll have them come in they still do a screening check and temperature and things of that nature and uh and they have to mask up and then we’ll give a tour

H: (okay) and we’ve got the information on the screen now if anyone at home would like to contact you we’ve got your phone number there you all have a website you’re on Facebook and one thing that they will notice if they check out your facebook page and website you do a lot of fun things with the residents.

C: And we like to get silly.

H: You do and you all post those which is very nice so with the olympics did you do some fun things.

C: We did, we did we did. We had a huge bowling competition (wow) and i was amazed at how many residents got involved and were so competitive with each other so it was a real success

H: yeah, because it’s a very important this time or any time to make sure their their morale is lifted too

C: oh yeah absolutely and and they are you know they’re having a fun time and they’re looking forward to the next

H: Which will probably be what? Fall fests and Halloween themed things

C: Absolutely yeah we’ll have all sorts of costumes!

H: yes well chris thanks for what you all are doing at your Braley Care Homes there and thanks for stopping by again and sharing what you all are doing

C: Absolutely! Thank you, Susan.

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