How To Stay Connected With Seniors You Can’t Visit​

The social distancing that keeps our residents safe may be hard on you. Separation leaves some people feeling lonely, anxious, or out of touch. So, we’ve mustered our creativity to help families stay connected with the seniors they can’t visit.

The following infographic provides a summary of our suggestions. Scroll down for more details.

We offer more details and ideas below.

While we’ve tailored our suggestions to meet Care Haven’s safety guidelines, they may be useful to others with at-risk friends or family members. Feel free to share!

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The Importance of Vaccines in Nursing Homes​

Nursing homes that want to keep their federal funding will have to make sure their staff is vaccinated against the coronavirus. The white house says the department of health and human services will draw up new regulations that require staff to all nursing homes receiving medicare and medicaid funds to get the COVID vaccine and if they don’t those facilities could lose funding. The move marks the first time President Biden has threatened to withhold federal funds over vaccinations and this could affect more than 15 000 nursing homes which employs about 1.3 million people according to the centers for medicare and medicaid services about 40 percent of those workers are not vaccinated. Well today we are joined by Chris Braley from Braley Care Homes and here we always are glad when you stop by.

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COVID Vaccine Rollout at Braley Care Homes

COVID Vaccine Rollout at Braley Care Homes​ Chris Braley discusses getting vaccines distributed to memory care and alzheimer’s patients and residents at Braley Care Homes. Ask Us a question Schedule A visit Host: Hi Welcome back! you know assisted living has taken a huge hit during the pandemic. Today we have Chris Braley, the

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